Spotty Dot’s Black Crystal “Elza”

Owner: Anna & Anders Hallberg, Lund Born: 25 August 2012 Color: White and black
Hips: HD grad B/C  BPH: Approved with shot BAER-test: Not tested
6 HP
4 BOB puppy
BIG 1 puppy
BIS 2 puppy

Elza is our first own breed dalmatian between our import bitch Toot’s Earlybird and Team’s Mac. We are very exited to see how Elza is going to develope. Elza has inherit her mothers unbelivble feminin and beautifil exterior, such as long neck and beautiful expresion. She has her fathers massive bonestructure and chest. Even though she is still a puppy she moves very well, with a lot of drive.

Elza is always curious of her enviroment and she has a lot of energy. Elza is going to be a showgod, just like our other dogs, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this little girl. We are going to update the progress for Elza.

If you wan’t to know more about Elza and her siblings you could look under the tab puppies, B-litter.


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