Toot’s Earlybird “Polly”

Owner:  Kennel Spotty Dot´s Born: 19 September 2008 Color: Black and white
Hips: Free (HD grad A) Elbows: Free (ED ua 0) Mental test: Approved BAER-test: Full hearing

VHC open class Darlington Championship Show, England

I bought Polly from Aase Jacobsen in Norway from kennel Toot´s. Polly is most likely to be the breeding bitch for my dalmatians at home. She is incredible responsive and social dog, even though she is a dalmatian 🙂

Pollys is born the 19 th september 2008 and she took her first CK when she was only 10 months old. After that I haven´t put her through more dogshows because I belived she needed the time to grow and developed.

I am also using Polly when I am out in the stabbles visiting my icelandichorses. She is very welled trained and she loves to run along the sides of the horses.

Polly has approved x-ray of hips and elbows, she has gone trough a mentalytest, she got all her teath and she is full hearing. She is a very feminin bitch with very expressive eyes. Polly is also in the dogsled team and she is also the leading dog with Tazz.

Finally Pollys puppies has arrived with Team’s Mac in the year of 2012 (B-litter). There was 4 boys and 4 girls, 7 black and 1 brown spotted. If you wan’t to know some more about this litter just read some more under the tab puppies or contact us for some more information. We are updating our blog with pictures aswell.


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