Tazz 7 år

Team’s Tazz “Tazz”

Owner: Kennel Spotty Dot’s Born: 16 April 2005 Color: White and brown
Hips: Free (HD grad B) Elbows: Free (ED ua 0) Mental test: Approved BAER-test: Full hearing

5 CK
BOB x 10
BOS x 5
BIG 1 x 2
BIS veteran

Tazz is my first dalmatian that I bought the 16 th of april in 2005. As a new dalmatian owner I couldn´t be much prouder of him. Tazz is always going to have a special place in my heart. The first thing that made me interested in a dalmatian was their grace of posture and endurance. Who could ever resist them when they put on a big smile for you!

I agree that a dogs personality reflects your own. I could say that me and Tazz have great endurance and laaking of hearing sometimes 🙂

Tazz has approved mentalitytest, x-ray of hips and hearing. He also has all of his teeth. He has ok results from teh showing rings but he is lacking some pigments around his right eye. Tazz is a male in his best years with a humble personality and a lot of spirit for life. He has now become a veteran.

I train all of my dogs in dogsled and Tazz is one of the dogs that works as a wheeler togehter with my alaskan malamute male Dexter. It is important to know that the dalmatian has its background as running along the horsecarriage and at night sleeping in the stabbles gaurded the horses and the luggage. There fore the dalmatian has a very good endurance as well as a watchdog. I use to recomend my puppybyers that they do some mentaly exersices such as puzzels, hide and seek, obedience and so on.


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