We are resellers of OLIVERS Petfood. Here is a great opertunity for you to get high quality dogfood, to a resonable price.

We have used OLIVERS to our dogs and puppies since 2010. We are extremly satisified with the food. Our dogs are in great conditions, shiny coats, good healthy skin and paws but foremost the dogs lovet it! The majority of our dogs eat chicken grain free and the rest lamb grain free. They also get daily salmon oil on their food for some extra Omega 3 and 6 acid. Its important to give you puppy the absolutely best start in life. To help them grow slowly and steady but also keeping them in good physical health to prevent displaysia and so on. Having a good puppy food with correct levels of calcium and phosfor is crutual for your puppys wellbeing.

Why OLIVERS over other brands?

  • The protein is always the nr 1 ingredient
  • Only 1 protein source, that means that you can chose between; chicken, salmon or lamb
  • All food contains OLIVERS BOOST
  • No content of corn or whete
  • Ingredients only from Europe
  • You can chose with our without grain
  • Within Sweden there are no shipping cost over 500:-
  • Delivery straight home to your door
  • Possibility to buy 20 kg bags

Please get in contact with me to know more. If you are located outside of Sweden we would help you bringing OLIVERS home to you and your dog.
You can reach me at or have a closer look at