Spotty Dot’s Call My Name “Akela”

Owner: Robin Erixon, Taberg Born: 2012-09-27 Colour: Grey and white
Hips: HD grad C ElbowsFree (ED ua 0) Eyes: not tested Mental test (BPH): Approved with shots

Akela was one of four puppies in Mixi’s last litter. We are very proud of all puppies and this is how Akela’s owner Tess describes her.

The best way we can describe Akela is with a few well chosen words, she is a social, affectionate, stubborn, curious, officious, playful tease she loves to be everywhere, going in the car, swimming, digging, running, playing with her buddies Pmmac, Aiko and Malte. She loves to be with her mom and dad  in the woods and in the city. She ingratiate and flirts with everyone she meets, both dogs and people, children and puppies, she is really nice, careful, soft and kind. She thinks it’s really fun to meet other dogs and shows a very nice and clear way with her body language that she is a good girl who does not want anything bad. Cows, she loves to tease for fun, and are more than happy to play with them in the pastures, horses as well, they are so cozy, she thinks. Another thing she loves is to dig up small rodents like mice in the woods and fields, she wants to eat them when she got hold of them. Another favorite job is to infuriate her foster mom Tjorven who is a 7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Otherwise, she is curious about most things and not afraid to investigate strange things she had never before seen. She is also incredibly ticklish under her paws, but there is nothing that more noticeable than when you take them, or if long rope stuck between her toes, then she gets mad and shaking the paw like crazy. If we sleep too long she clearly shows that she wants us to wake up and go out, by make noises, if it does not help she jumps up on the bed and lies down on u , preferably on our heads. Something she thinks is hugely disappointing is obedience training, she could almost fall asleep in the middle of an exercise, she gets tired really fast and nothing works to motivate her if she does not in the mood. But mushing and physical work , however, great fun! We have started to train bloodtracking with her ​​when she shows great interest in the game.


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