Spotty Dot’s Call On Me “Rex”

Owner: Anna & Tobias Wanås, Tygelsjö Born: 2012-09-27 (2016-05-22) Color: Grey and white
Hips: HD grad C Elbows: ED ua (0) free Eyes: not tested Mental test (BPH): Approved with shots
BOS puppy
HP breedersgroup – puppy

Rex is one out of four puppies in Mixi’s last litter. He is a copy of his halfbrother Dexter and so sweet. This is what his family have to say about him.Together with us, other family members ; owner Anna , dad Tobbe and little master Måns ( almost 7 years ) , Rex thrive very well with staying at home . Equally well indoors and outdoors in the garden. The favorite place in the house for Rex is to lay infront of the door ( may perhaps be due to it’s alittle bit colder there) and his entire afternoon and evening is spent lying on the patio door threshold. He also seems to like to keep an eye on us in the family and these investments give him usually nice overview on us. Usually we get up together but sometimes we stay in bed a little bit to long Rex wants us to get up. Only when everyone got up we can see that Rex is incredibly satisfied. Ideally, he wants to get the command to be the one that wakes the whole family. Then he is extremely happy. Would anyone in the family to be sick, or not in the form he adds happily a paw or his whole body on top of you and then resting and squeeze his body or paw as hard as he can . This is in other words a very cozy and cuddly guy. Happier dog to come home to you have to look for! He often talks to both lampposts, well grown grass tussocks and another when he can smell other dogs. Encountering then produces a whimpering sound. He very rearly barks. People around us are impressed by his hospitality and tranquility. This peace has been very prominent since we got him as a puppy. Works very well with all people, big and small, and also with regard to dogs. He has so much patience with other barking and nervous dogs. At dog training courses Rex has repeatedly been acting provocatively large dog and he has been the big star by just walking around calm ans quiet. With half-open mouth and tongue on the wobble he smiles and then wants to play. Best game then, is to hunt a ball called Waboba which can be purchased in stores here in Sweden. This should be stripped of its fabric cover so that it becomes a geleboll. Otherwise Rex is very pleased to chewing on a bone and play with his stuffed toys (preferably ones that can beep). He is usually happy for walks unless it’s too hot. During the hottest part of the summer the walks is a little bit short so there for we place the greatest emphasis on morning and evening walk , which he is very happy with. As activity 3-4 times a week we alternate with that Rex may run alongside the bike, jogging, long walks in the woods. Walking also like attending a round of the golfcort. He really like to swim and bathe in the sea. Winter time is really appreciated snow, ice and cold weather. Pure pleasure to see the dog every time we are outdoors. Then he chews the snow, roll around in it, catching snowballs and so on. Extremely loves food and dance pirouettes at every meal. We are very happy with how he works in our family.


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