Collie litter 2013

We are now proud to announce our next and first litter of collie rough for winter 2013, between our gorgeous little girl Ronja and the incredibly stylish male Cronys Splendido D’oro “Paulo”.

Paulo is a very well built and masculine male who derived from Italy and Cambiano bloodlines. He has a very exciting pedigree which according to me will contribute to the breed by bringing in new blood. He is owned by his breeder Eva Eriksson at Kennel Cronys who is a very talented and skilled breeders on both collie rough and Shetland Sheepdogs and has been operating since 1958. Eva has been assigned to the Hamilton plaque, one of the Swedish Kennel Club’s most distinguished awards. She has many years of experience within both breeds, international dog show judge and breed judge. We are extremely grateful for this great collaboration and we look forward to what this litter will be offering.

Paulo is a sable male with very fine movements, which is so incredibly important as the Collie, basically is a herding dog. He has a powerful masculine head, lovely temperament, long fine lines and a nice tail. He is free on hips with HD grade A, he is free on both eyes as a puppy and adult also he has been conducting an MH test and now has a known mental status. He has had many great success inside the ring, with the majority of CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOS and BIS placements, we believe him to be the perfect male to just our bitch. He amplifies Ronja’s positive qualities and complements the roughness, beautiful lines and wonderful temperament.

Ronja is a little feminine bitch with beautifully expressive face, nice long neck, beautiful topline, good tail, posture, wonderful temperament and a great movement. Behind Ronja’s pedigree lies Vonny-Hills and Kendrakes bloodlines. Ronja is free on hips with HD grade B, she is free on the eyes and even she has conducted an MH test. Ronja also got very nice results from the show ring, most CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOS and BIS placements.

We encourage prospective buyers to be interested in exhibition if not at least be interested to activate their dog. A collie is a herding dog that loves to work and be his family to please. In many respects, if you socialize your dog it will be a part of the family and in return you also get a friend for life.
We expect typical dogs with good temperaments and excellent movements. If you are interested in this combination you are welcome to get in touch with us and we will tell you more about these wonderful dogs.


Cronys Splendido D’Oro Xtraordinarioxia Di Cambiano Cristalgold Di Montenese
Orianafallaci Di Cambiano
TRF LBolladisaponenera Di Cambiano Elliotbluedream Della Collina Dei C
INT UCH Fattucchieranera Di Cambiano
Kelle Vonny-Hills Best in Gold DK UCH NO UCH Kendrakes Rockefellish
Vonny-Hills Beautiful Golden Tiara
Hammarhöjdens Kocky Cracker Winecooler’s Ace of Heart
Hammarhöjdens Fay from Meadowhill

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