Spotty Dot’s Dreaming Daphne “Daphne”

Owner: Theodore Malm, Malmö Born: 2013-10-13 Color: Sable and white
Hips: not tested Eyes: Free (puppy) MH: not tested


Cronys Splendido D’Oro Xtraordinarioxia Di Cambiano Cristalgold Di Montenese
Orianafallaci Di Cambiano
TRF LBolladisaponenera Di Cambiano Elliotbluedream Della Collina Dei C
INT UCH Fattucchieranera Di Cambiano
Kelle Vonny-Hills Best in Gold DK UCH NO UCH Kendrakes Rockefellish
Vonny-Hills Beautiful Golden Tiara
Hammarhöjdens Kocky Cracker Winecooler’s Ace of Heart
Hammarhöjdens Fay from Meadowhill

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