Spotty Dot’s Black Pearl  “Frida”

Owner: Michaela Andersson, Vallda Born: 25 august 2012 Colour: White with black spots
Hips: not tested  Mental test (MH): not tested

Frida is one of nine puppies from Polly’s first litter. This is how Michaela descibes Frida.

Frida is a very happy dog who loves people (maybe a little too much). She is a daddy’s girl and loves to steal my stuff. Lennis stuff , she never tuch. Dishcloths, my clothes, my glasses are always attractive to steal and chew on. Then her own toys is not so interesting . One and another cuddly toy from Anton’s room have “disappeared” as well. However, with great surprise, the toy you sent with us, the little rabbit, has not so much as a tear. That she cherish ​​tenderly. She can open doors, cabinets and more. She can take and carry  a full plate of food without spilling any of the food which I think is pretty impressive for a dog. Then she is very good at talking about what she wants. It’s very difficult to misunderstand what she says. Then she is good at understanding what you want but do not count on that she always does it . She is good with horses and she and our one cat are best friends. She has never had any trouble to socialize with other dogs and just loves to travel in the car.

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