Spotty Dot’s Black Velvet  “Marley”

Owner: Silje Moen, Norway Born: 25 august 2012 Colour: White wite black spots
Hips: not tested  Mental test (MH): not tested

Marley is from a litter of 9 puppies . She is out of Polly’s first litter who really has a bright future ahead of them. Marley lives with her owners Thomas and Silje in Norway and this is what they have to say about Marley.

We are very happy with Marley, we have gone to puppy classes and she was far ahead of the pack according to the instructors. As a puppy, she learned quickly and we were able to easily work out the most common commands like sit, down and stay. Her best friend is a rottweiler named Kiba. Together they charm anyone they meet. Marley has learned to open doors and when she want to get to us in the bedroom she jumps up and opens the door. Likewise, if she gets hot she opens the door to the terrace. So in the future there will be many locked doors.
She really likes to snuggle and  her absolutely favorite is when she lay in bed between me and Thomas. Of course, she has her own bed and cage, but the bed is still a clear favorite. She’s a determined little lady who would speak up if she disagrees.

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