Multi Ch Spotty Dot’s Armani Attitude “Dexter”


Owner: Kennel Spotty Dot’s Born: 2 October 2010 Color: Grey and White
Hips: HD grad A (free) Elbows: ED ua (0) free Eyes: Free (2011, 2013, 2014 & 2016) BPH: Approved with shots
PN: Normal

BOB-puppy x 12
BIS-puppy 2 x 2
BIS-puppy 4 x 2
BIS 1 siblingsclass- puppy
BIS 3 siblingsclass- puppy
BIS 4 siblingsclass- puppy
BIS 1 siblingsclass- adult
BIS 1 breedersgroup
BIS 1 breedersgroup at a polardogshow
BIS 2 breedersgroup at a polardogshow
BIS 2 breedersgroup, Malmö Int
BIS 2 parklass
VHC Darlington Championship Show, England
VHC Driffield Championship Show, England
CK x 38
CAC x 12 (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany & Finland)
Klubb CAC x 4 (Germany)
R-CAC x 2 (Denmark & Germany)
CACIB x 10 (Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland)
R-CACIB x 7 (Sweden & Denmark)
BOB x 17
BOS x 3
BOG 1 x 3
BOG 2 x 3
BOG 3 x 1 (Norway)
BIS 1 x 1
BIS 4 x 1
Cruft’s qualified 2015
Approved bloodtracking test
1:a price in openclass, bloodtracking
Bronze at Skånemästerskapen 2013, BW
Silver at Skånemästerskapen 2014, 2R
Danish Champion
Norweigan Champion
Finnish Champion
Nordic Champion
Internationell Champion
Working Packdog (50 kilometers 30% of his bodyweight)

Dexter was born the 2 th of october in 2010 and is the first litter to be born on our kennel. It is very exiting to see how this “little” fellow will grow and develope. The combination that we made, between Mixi and Asim, was Asim´s first litter in Sweden and we are so proud to be the first to use this beautiful dog. Asim lives with his owners in Denmark but is from the beginning from czech republic. The puppies has got some massive bonestructure and a beautiful expression. They are very social and curious.

Dexter is extreamly social towards everybody. He is a quick learner and he could track where there is candy from a mile away. He has a beutiful head and lots of charisma. He is our own little teddybear 🙂

He loves to pull and work. He has also been showing some excellent quallities for bloodtracking and our hopes is that we are able to develope this as he grows. Dexter has been very successful in the showring and this is something that he loves. Dexter had his first litter at our kennel 2015 where is was breed with Multi Ch Malamaison Hot Gossip and they had 5 puppies. We kept a female, Spotty Dot’s It’s A Bear Thing.

Dexter is now avelable for interested female owners!


DKCH,CZCH,INTCH,CLUBCH,SlovakCH DKJUB07,KBHV.08, Asim Polárni Úsvit CZCH ICH SLOCH PLCH Brad Pitt Del Lago Degli Orsi USACH PCH Pandizucchero Del Lago Degli Orsi
Storm Kloud’s Oonly The Best
CZCH PLCH Delightful Anny Inditarod CZCH INTCH SKCH Buffalo Bill Inditarod
CZCH Askania Legend Of North
DK UCH, NO UCH, DK VW 15&16, NORD VW 15&16
KBH VW-16 & Alpen Veteran Sieger 16 Shannuq’s Magnificent Mixi
KBHV-04 NORDV-04 Hopi Point’s Grizly Bear Hopi Point’s Eskimo Bear
SL CH Snowlion’s Anana Of Hopi-Point
Shannuq’s Howling Una SUCH Kronsäter’s Hauk Av Bik-Ka
Mihakias Millenium April Wine


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