Welcome to Kennel
Spotty Dot´s!

My name is My Wendel and I am a breeder of Alaskan Malamutes since 2010. We are located in the southern parts of Sweden.
We are proud breeders of several multi champions, multi winners, dogs of approved working titles/certificates within Scandinavia! We have exported puppies all over the world such as Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland and Colombia.

We live on the country side with the forest around us. Here we are lucky to create the perfect dream for us and the dogs. Activating the dogs are important for us. The dogs are running free in two big paddocks, a little over 75 000ft² each, we are daily taking them for walks, we train our dogs in teams of 2 and up to 6 dogs in mushing teams, we compete in dogshows all over the world, we activate them in bloodtracking, working pack dog tests and so on. Most important though is that they are highly loved members of our family and that means, all dogs sleep inside the house with us during nights. Every litter being born is in the house and also were the puppies is beeing raised. We are truly living our dream and the dogs are always coming first!

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