Shannuq’s Magnificent Mixi “Mixi”

NO UCH, DK UCH, German Veteran Champion (VDH), DK VW-15 & 16,  NORD VW-15 & 16 , Alpen VW-16 & KBH VW-16

Owner: Kennel Spotty Dot’s Born: 21 April 2007 Color: Gray and White
Hips: HD grad A (free) Elbows: ED ua (0) Free Eyes: free (2009 & 2011) BPH: Approved

Norweigan Champion
Danish Champion
German Veteran Champion (VDH)
Danish Veteran Winner 2015
Nordic Veteran Winner 2015
Alpen Veteran Winner 2016
Copenhagen Veteran Winner 2016
Danish Veteran Winner 2016
Nordic Veteran Winner 2016
6 CAC (Sweden & Norway)
V VDH x 3(Germany)
V DCNH x 3 (Germany)
3 R-CAC (Denmark & Norway)
BOB Veteran (Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Germany)
BIS 3 on a polardogshow
BIS 2 breedersclass on a polardogshow
BIS 2 Progency Group, Malmö International Dogshow
BIS 3 Progency Group, Malmö International Dogshow

Mixi was born the 21 th of april 2007. My husband Rickard bought her from Nils-Eric Ekegren in Tierp just outside of Uppsala. When she was little she charmed everybody. When Rickard moved to Skåne with me and my dogs Mixi got a whole new pack. Her bestfriend is my dalmatian male Tazz and I belived that that was the cuitest girl Tazz ever seen! I started to train Mixi for dogshows and the first she ever entered she became BOB.Mixi got a lovely mentality that fits very well to the mentality that we on kennel Spottydot´s want´s to preserv. She is x-rayed on hips and elbows with great results and she is also free on her eyes.

Mixi is a very social dog, both with other animals and towards humans. She likes being scratched and candy is the big thing with a big C! Due to lacking of snow in the winters we train our dogs with inlines. We are doing this to stimulate the dogs both mentality and physicality. An Alaskan Malamute is a kind of a dog that needs alot from it´s owner but you are going to get so much in return.

Mixi had her first litter (A-litter) at the winter of 2010 with 8 beutiful puppies. The year of 2012 came the second litter (C-litter) with 4 puppies. If you are interested in looking more into past or new litters you could check it out under the tab “puppies”. Today Mixi is a happy Veteran and enjoys life to the fullest!


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HUCH INTUCH SL CH Little Princess
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