Spotty Dot’s Call Me Maybe “Sesi”

Owner: Kenneth Johansson, Tyringe Born: 27 september, 2012 Color: Grey and white
Hips: Free (HD grad A) ElbowsFree (ED ua 0) Eyes: not tested Mental test (BPH): Approved with shots
3 HP
BOB puppy (breed special)
BOS (breed special)
HP breedersgroup – puppy
BIS 2 progencygroup
Excellent and 2nd best junior bitch at  the breed special in Falun
Winner of canicross, Falun

Sesi is one out of four puppies in Mixi’s last litter. She is very sweet little girl and lives in Tyringe, not far from us, with her malamute brother Nemo and owner Kenneth. This is what Kenneth has to say about Sesi.

Spotty Dots Call Me Maybe , Sesi , means snow in the feminine on an Inuit dialect, but I call her ” Sessi ” with two s. It will be easier that way. We live in Skyrup outside Hässleholms with me and her “big brother” Nemo” who is an 11 month old Malamute from Värmland.
Sesi is a very kind, happy dog who really like her big brother and dad. She is very happy for other people and dogs with a little submissive behavior.
Hopefully she will like to mush and so far looking positive when she think it’s fun to run with big brother, and sometimes feel free to play around a bit with him along the way.
Like many other malamutes, she thinks a lot about food and lying and chewing on a bone. We have a fenced garden and she loves to run around and play with Nemo all the time. She absolutely loves to lay and slepp under things such as bushes or under the terass. Almost a year old , she is now not much smaller in size than Nemo, and are gradually grow into to her ears ears.


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